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Iím distraught can anyone share with me if how many got harassed. I really very scared. Will they really disturb my neighbour
I won't explore further with regards you returning the amount. The act of returning the money means either you know the account or loanshark give you another victim account. Either way, what you did is money laundering. You are sure this what your I/O advised? All I/O in charge of loanshark cases are expert or specialised in that field, not random police officer. If the other account owner that receive your transfer make a police report, your bank account will be freeze for investigations. That's why don't pay or return the money, how "dirty" you feel is the ill-gotten money. Parked it aside, withdraw it and put under your pillow if need be but don't return back. It won't change the situation, they Will some how harass you in one form or another.

Anyway, you did the necessary with regards to police report, cctv and others (except returning the money). No amount of sleepless nights can change the situation. Just be prepared to make more police report if harassed. Call 999 if need police presence if you suspect someone is outside your house.

Ghost the loanshark, and keep on ghosting. They will give up even if they try to harass your house by splashing with paint or other nonsense. Normally for $500, maybe they will try once or so. It doesn't matter if you already return the money since you have engaged them, they will try to harass. So, no point returning the money, might as well get a mid to high end CCTV with it.

Stay vigilant. Don't worry about your children, the idiots they send are not professional hire, just normal people like you and me, loanshark victims. No experience harassing people, just following the loanshark instructions.

3 strokes of the cane is their reward no matter if the harassment only putting O$P$ notes on the wall. These runners will be caught and since I follow the police news, very successfully.

Stay vigilant. Rest and eat well. Your need all the mental strength to think for any contingencies that may arise.

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