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So it's been months since I last visited this forum - I was previously involved with UMLs but after reporting to the SPF and immediately ghosting them, with weeks and a month or so of harrassment from phone calls to mailing my photos and details to my neighbours, it was finally peaceful. Unfortunately, just recently I received calls again on my homeline and it took me back by surprise but much wiser now, it's not as daunting as when I first had to go through this ordeal. Obviously the person harrassing me now is someone different from previously but he uses the same name. I'm unable to change my homeline due to reasons but I've ignored the calls and blocked and reported whenever the UML calls my personal mobile. I've also installed a CCTv already from my previous case so now I'm back to being vigilant.
Can I ask is it also phone scam? And just for phone scams they sent photos to your neighbours?
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