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I know you are stressed out on what harassment you will receive.

In reality these UML or Scammers have no standard harassment practice.

For them, they will try whatever harassment they feel appropriate on that day to scare you.

Of course, they won't do all that we have shared here. Each runner sent to harass cost them money, so they won't spent so much on 1 victim non-stop.But of course if they know your salary is high, they may try a little bit more.

Even they get tired calling you continously just to harass on the phone if every victim they have ghost on them.

So all victims must stop paying and ghost them, not just those who shared their problems here but also those reading this thread.
Yes I am really stressed out. I didnít eat the entire day. Iíll probably knock out because Iím too tired thinking and even crying that this has happened. So much stress on the family. Iím feeling very hopeless.
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