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I also never change my homeline but mine is the old analog line not the current digital one that many household uses.

I subscribe to Caller-ID and Call Divert service to my hp after 3 rings. Once diverted to my hp, my call blocking app will either block or accept the call based on my contact list. Those not familiar numbers will get a hang up dial tone.

For my mailbox, I can lock the slot so only Singpost can put letters.
My mailbox is the kind that only Singpost delivery staff may access from the room but previously the UML had decided to waste their money by posting (stamps and all) so many (and I mean a whole lot of letters per household! A few of my neighbours showed to me but they were very understanding of the situation).

I will look into the call divert though. Because I do have caller ID but it gets annoying when the phone keeps ringing.
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