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I also have the money but just too skeptical. LOL. Anyways, I go speedrun that chapter and bought that weapon already. I forgot to sell those "valuable parts" from that previous Robot Boss. Slowly clearing trophies and fighting extra sim battles. Hard mode should be the last one.

No worries can replay that part after completing the game lol, I just buy since I have the money after selling those junks

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I also tried a handful of times (I think most people do?) especially at Darts (1st place) and Pull Ups (PRO) but its the fun figuring out how to nail it. I usually tried my max on my own until "limit" then seek help. May not be fun for some though. You can look around YouTube for tips and etc. Which mini-game are you at ?

the trophies are difficult to get for me cos the stupid mini games.

i sucks at them.
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