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Unfortunately no, I did get involved with a UML. I had initially thought they were licensed but it was a bad decision made on my part.

From what I'd gone through, other than ghosting their calls/ignoring their threats, and making the necessary reports to SPF, it's best to explain to your neighbours about your situation also so they may help to look out for runners (do install a CCTV - it really helps).
Sorry to hear that. I hope yours will be solved soon. I shared this case finally with someone not within the family.

He unfortunately was involved though the dad was the one who loan ums Abt 10-15 years ago. It rolled and rolled till over 2-300k. One day the dad nvr came home (suicide) and he was left to fend to pay off all the debts. But it can nvr be paid.

Finally ghosted. And last time the runners really more fierce unlike now. Speaking to him he gave me an assurance that life can be normal again.

Iím sure it will be for you too
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