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happydonkey, believe us when we say what you are experiencing, we have gone through it.

Sleepless nights for days during initial harassment. Posting my fears from 1-4am here during that time almost daily in the toilet for advise and to maintain my sanity. Worried sick for my family like you.

But things change after I did the necessary steps.It's normal to react the way you did.

The trick is to quickly snap out of it. Mine happened when my son got pissed with my super scared behaviour and told me off that these UML only getting under my skin. Empty threats. Get a grip of my life.

Yes, they may send runners soon. Just act accordingly if those clown do harass.

If they lock your gate, they won't hang around, they run after locking. On your part, call 999 and police will help break lock.

If splash paint on door. Buy paint remover and repaint your door. If walls around it got splash, call town council to repaint those walls for free. Don't forget to call 999.

You see, stop being tense (easier said than done). Just like clockwork prepare a list of what to do after the harassment. It will keep your mind focus.

I even bought a large fire extinguisher, a wearable alarm to scare intruder and 1 more cctv to prepare myself. Even thought of getting metal baseball bat, diy chilli spray and many more but realise I can get into trouble with the law if I hurt the runners. Best is to help new victims here.

Don't let UML instill fear in you, block them. It will soon return to normal. Good luck.

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