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I also have the money but just too skeptical. LOL. Anyways, I go speedrun that chapter and bought that weapon already. I forgot to sell those "valuable parts" from that previous Robot Boss. Slowly clearing trophies and fighting extra sim battles. Hard mode should be the last one.

I also tried a handful of times (I think most people do?) especially at Darts (1st place) and Pull Ups (PRO) but its the fun figuring out how to nail it. I usually tried my max on my own until "limit" then seek help. May not be fun for some though. You can look around YouTube for tips and etc. Which mini-game are you at ?
darts.. the supposedly "easier" mini game. i have been trying for 2 hours for 3 days liao

most ******** mini game award still goes to FFX zero timing chocobo race
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