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How I did it was having "very minute" adjustments of the cursor during aiming....almost like not moving or very very slight tilt of the L3 button, just enough to let the cursor move to the position you wanted at a moderate speed. And when it is at the position (e.g. bulls eye) you wanted to aim for, FREEZE, make sure the aiming cursor (the one getting smaller in loops) matches exactly, then press button to shoot. Takes practice and focus because any slight movement and it will be out of aim liao....and don't panic.

For some shots, I was still moving the cursor and cannot stabilise but no choice, I hit the button to shoot once the "Golden Moment" comes - cursor is at the correct position and matches exactly.

JIA YOU. When you finally did it, you have achieved something!

darts.. the supposedly "easier" mini game. i have been trying for 2 hours for 3 days liao

most ******** mini game award still goes to FFX zero timing chocobo race
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