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Samsung receives Korean official approval for ECG function on Galaxy Watch Active 2
By Liu Hongzuo - on 26 May 2020, 9:03am
Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2.
Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2.

The electrocardiogram (ECG) function of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 smartwatch has been greenlit, and can now measure Atrial Fibrillation (AFib) in South Korea.

According to Samsung's official statement, the Galaxy Watch Active 2's ECG function has been 'cleared' by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety of South Korea (MFDS). This means that the Samsung Health Monitor app, which contains the ECG measurement feature, can be utilised by users to measure and analyse their hearth rhythm for any irregularities.

The ECG function uses the Galaxy Watch Active 2's ECG sensor to get a reading of the user's heart rhythm. To make it work, the user needs to put on the wearable and fire up the Samsung Health Monitor app. To start the reading, rest the smartwatch-wearing forearm on a flat surface, and place a fingertip from the opposite hand on the smartwatch's top button for 30 seconds.

The app will then measure the user's heart rhythm, which will be categorised as a Sinus Rhythm (normal heartbeat), or AFib, which also stands for irregular heartbeat, or heart arrhythmia.

The Korean electronics conglomerate said that the ECG function, together with the recently-approved blood pressure measurement feature, can give users a better insight into their health posture. However, Samsung cautioned that these readings should not replace conventional diagnosis and treatment. The results are for reference, or to be shared with a doctor for an informed decision, if necessary.

Source: Samsung
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