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On US psn the original Mafia 3 is gone, can't find it any more. I went to my PS4's Library, can't find it either. At first I suspect that maybe I forgot to claim the PS+ games that month (Aug 2018) but the other PS+ games are "purchased" in my account, so it's unlikely. There were other games previously superseded by newer version, owners of the old version automatically get the new one, so surely there's a bug here. The SG store also gave me that weird problem before actually working.

Ya, they are selling the Mafia Trilogy, which includes a real remake of the first game. I will wait for sale though.

Anyone else had Mafia 3 as PS+ free game on US psn store before? Are you able to get the new definitive version?
Yes. Shows as Definitive Edition for me.
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