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Please report. Wonít get into trouble. I enquired and sincerely wanted to borrow. But after receiving $500 I find it fishy as I was told to return them back $800. Thatís when I found the anti-scam page. In less than 24 hrs of receiving the amt I went to report to police.

Weird enough my IO says I can return the $500 or dont. But if I do need to do it via ATM so I wonít be implicated further. He did say some didnít return the amt at all so more harassments. So if I donít want the money I can do it that way. But he also did mention be it I return or not they will still harass me.

Within the next few hours I told them I will changed my number. Give me account to pay them the amt. end up I paid $500 and cut my line immediately. Bank account also closed. Cctv installed. The moment my line I ghosted them my NOK got contacted to say I owe more money not just $500. NOK also ghosted them. Of course I came clean after making the police report. Also comes clean to my office.

Now pending them to come my house harass me. I slp pretty well last night already. The fear was on the first day when they intimidated me. Sent me videos and photos of houses being burnt and splashed with paint.

Then hurling all vulgarities etc. Iím glad my family supported and forgive me. Iím staying vigilant. They havenít been calling my nok. Only that same day. I duno when they will strike again but we have started to live life normally now. Open the door huge and big.

The only thing I havenít done is to inform neighbours. But Iím a Scam victim. I didnít owe them any money. Yes the initial intent was to borrow thinking itís legal. But once I know itís not I acted immediately.

I might be consoling myself but I feel they wonít do anything more because I refused to give in besides returning ďtheirĒ money. They have no losses except a victim who refused to budged.
You enquired upon receiving a sms advertisement or website? I just faced the same issue with you two days ago. Fingers itchy clicked on Website ( looks real )... ur nok was contacted by call or whatsapp?
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