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No exact answer here. It all depends on the funds they have in hands. (Runners need to be paid to do jobs).
For some cases, it take days after u ghost. Last time they usually will sent mass sms to your nok first. Then “love letter” to your neighbours. Then sent runners lock your house. Then splash paint.. then last will set fire( which is very rare nowsaday).
But now all hdb had cctv Everywhere. So all this jobs have been minimised. Penalty for working for LS as runner is jail and rotan.
I done what needs to be done, but im still out here afraid, im only 20 years old i didnt mean for any of this to happen i swear i keep looking out the peep hole on my door i get panic attacks whenever i hear the lift door open, i really didnt mean for any of this to happen i was jus curious and i went to enquire i didnt mean for it to spiral out of control this far
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