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I kinda disagree. I encountered quite a few times Whiscash and Stunfisk not shielding a surprise Focus Blast even tho they had two shields and shield advantage, and it took slightly more than half of their HP. Then I throw a Flash Cannon next to bait one shield. Regained my advantage.

It's also useful for Regi vs Regi. I also encountered losing situations for Regi vs Regi but won because the other trainer didn't unlock 2nd skill.

Registeel is an expensive investment but worth it for me because it really runs well in any GBL line-up. You literally can find a use for it in all line-ups.
Also can roughly know by feel how much registeel farming.....

If got 2 shield/ shield adv, just use lor.....
Complacent kill the game

For whiscash @ times worth while to use shield but farm up energy
In case grass pkm out

Either 2 x mudbomb or blizzard is ur own call liao....
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