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Thank you its really been hard i cant eat anything properly and i keep on tearing up
You're not alone AlphaVi. All of us victims lose appetite and tear up, even old man like me, when it hit us.

Importantly, you have done the list of things that 1st time victims must do.

Stop replying to them already. They will become bold if you continue to reply them. Totally cut off contact. Their date line threats are just harassment, they don't dare lay a finger on you.

I've seen this scenario before countless time. Victims starts with confusion, fear and some even suicidal. Blaming themselves for this misstep. Soon all these will turn to frustration, anger and finally confidence and ultimately peace.

We are here helping you to expedite to peace. As much as we can point you to free yourself, it's really up to you to take action. Don't succumb to the UML deceptions.

The threats and harassment can be overcome. Stay healthy and strong. You need the mental strength.
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