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more questions

Anyway, a few more questions (sorry for the trouble, i am currently planning the details for the trip)

1. I am going to take jetstar asia, which will reach taipei at ard 1730, after that where shun i go first? Shun i go check into a hotel at taipei first or shun i travel directly from airport to railway station to Hualian??? However i realise that the timing will be weird if i travel to hualian direct. Anyone has a better plan for me???

2. If i decided to stay at taipei hotel all the way, am i able to travel to and fro to hualian and enjoy the place within a single day? I heard hotel provide one day tour to hualian... anyone has any idea how much it cost???

3. What is the arrival time if i take China Air? Issit better or worst than Garuda Air? ( btw, garuda air has become my benchmark for screwed up airline)

Thats for now, thanks everyone in this forum in advance.
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