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Keep it in there. Don't give in and don't give up. As long as you continue to ignore them they can't do anything to you.
Read thru all past posts and take all the steps we advise here:
- Report police
- Inform NOK, employer and frens
- Install CCTV
- Install call blocker app (change phone number is best)
- Stop paying
- Ignore them

The initial few weeks will be tough.
But once they can't reach you, they cannot do anything else.
These scammers are like telesales ppl, just talk louder and trying to act fierce, no telesales person will keep calling a ghost for sales opportunity.
So after a while they will move on.

Sleep well, rest well and live your life.
Agree I think they will spend more time on ppl who respond and pay them.

Even printing ur face on papers and distributing them is hard work. But if u been paying them for like many times then itís worth it. So best is ignore them. Counting daily now. Everyday checking with NOK if any weird numbers called
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