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Not sure how to go from taipei airport to hualian direct. But I took the train from taipei railway station, so I guess you have to travel from airport to the train station first, about 1 hour's ride and I think NT120 bus fare. Train to hualian is about 3 hours but can't remember price.

The hualian minsu contact is given by Beyondgal in one of the posts in this thread.

When are you going? If during chinese new year, then I'm sure train tix and minsu lodging hard to book now.
Actually alot of choices on bus from airport. I took the GuoGuang Bus (120NT) to Taipei Train Station from Airport. On the way back, I took another airport bus, at 160NT, and it picks us up from the hotel rather than having to go to Taipei Main Station, saves trouble.. esp if you got alot of luggage. Cos their Lift in the station not very convenient.

Ticket is about 400 NT, called 自强号. the fastest one to Hualien.

Will be good to get your tix in advance. I remember seeing that they have internet reservations.. I wanted to go Hualien on Sun initially, but couldn't get return tickets.. I managed to bring a train schedule back.. will scan when I got time...

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