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Angry Scam ULM


1) Fell for loan scam, did 3 trial loans to get a bigger loan.
2) scammer 1 send me I banking screenshot of bigger loan transffered.
3)Checked my account and bigger loan was not transferred at all, call the bank also and they mention no such deposits was done.

4)Was mention my scammer 1 to do 4th trial loan to create new record as their account had some issue, even showed me WA screenshot of him speaking to someone in the company to send out the bigger loan out to me.

5) waited for 3 days and bigger loan never came, message to inform to cancel the loan instead.

6) got threatened saying he wld disturb me next month onwards, informed I did not recd the bigger loan at all so what is there to pay more, mentioned to pay $700 cancellation fee and all settled. - Transferred the $700 to close everything.

7) Kept disturbing me for almost 3 weeks to take loan and I denied, after which force loan into my bank account and threatened with burning videos. Transfered money to clear cuz I dun wanna have issues.

8) few weeks later received xx amt of cash into my account, msg scammer to ask if he did it and he said his worker accidentally transferred to my account, was advise to trf back and he wont disturb me anymore.

9) Again kept disturbing me to take up loans, didnt take up and send me videos of my residence and photo, panicked and said will help one last time and begged to delete all my details.

10) After transferring for the last time, few mins later scammer 2 msg me and claim bigger loan was trf out as per system and I owe them money. Informed I ald trf scammer 1 $700 cancellation fee and showed bank statement as proof also to say I did not recd bigger loan.

11) scammer 2 said all was fake and threatened me with videos and showed videos of scammer 1 getting whacked, obvious it was an old video of someone getting whacked.

12) Make police report and did the necessary, change number and close accounts.

Been 3 weeks and still nervous they wld disturb my NOK workplace or do smth to my house. Just curious how they manage to screenshot the bigger loan transaction and send to me cuz it was legit i banking transaction but never revd the money and still threaten me to pay up.Wish I cld state scammer 1 &2 mobile numbers here so we can add and block them on WA and report them to bring them down. Threaten to use my IC number to do things but singpass was not given to them.

Anyone has same situation as me.

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