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Hi there,

Option: 4G, 64GB, 小米平板4 Plus 展示机10.1寸
Cost of goods: 1,898RMB = SGD $391.34 (1st payment)

Assuming your item is roughly 1-2KG, calculate base on 2KG.

Shipping fee: $12 + $9 = $21
Agent fee: ($391.34 + $21) x 4% = $16.49
Total: $37.49 (Estimated 2nd payment)

Hope this clarifies.

Thank you!

覆置这段话₤4Ks61rNBxir₤打开👉🍑宝👈或點击链街 至瀏..覽..噐【Xiaomi/小米 小米平板4 Plus4G安卓大屏平板4电脑Wi-Fi版】

64gb LTE version pink or black can.
mi pad 4 plus 10inch version

can quote for air freight
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