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Iím sure they will disturbed your NOK if they havent. My nok was called up immediately once I blocked their calls. Closed my accounts and I refused to answer. Changed me number in less than 3 hours. Accounts closed too.

I believe once cb is over they will start calling office but I have already informed them.

So now, after 3 weeks are they still disturbing you? We are waiting for someone to take photo of our house so that we can catch them. My main door is open wide from morning till night, police says this prevents them from locking the door or do anything funny. But night time no choice have to close.

Honestly they sent me the videos and photos I didnít even look or watch because I know it makes me feel scared. I simply ignored. Even after changing mobile number I still feel paranoid when the phone rings
I blocked them to be exact 29 days ago (that's the date I made police report too) since then they tried calling my 1st NOK with spoof numbers but cuz its a normal phone with no WA I just blocked it. 2nd NOK has WA but so far nothing (thank god) I changed number after I made police report as well and closed my existing bank accounts too. So far no calls to NOK. I really wish all of us can come together and do something to this scammers. But I am curious, can someone actually photoshop or edit i-banking transaction image to be exactly the same as what we usually see when we do inter bank transfers. Scammer 1 & 2 obviously knows the bigger loan was NOT even credited to me and that was fake but yet still demand for it. Idiots! Can the scammers number be shared here so that all of us can add them on WA and block them as many times as possible and their account gets disabled, I am sure the rest of them who are victims like us can have their scammer numbers blocked in WA and report their accounts.
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