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Actually in the first place it could be refurbed sets.

I think most of us buy from them. Scratch will depend on how particular you are already. Most people don't look that closely and can close one eye for hairline scratches since it's cheap, and used. Personally I've seen I think 2 or 3 units from them (personal and from friends), and all of them has hairlines scratches. 1 or 2 of them has deeper scratches I can feel too. My personal rating is probably more like A- condition rather than S based on the sets I've seen. But maybe others are luckier (or just less particular).
I guess nobody will know whether it's refurbished or not as long as the set is in good working condition. But they said they will check before sending it out, that's totally ********. That dead pixel is so obvious, yet they still send it to me.

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