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I think its back to the same point, for AD vs PI to stand, it has to be made from the same place. A BMW 5 series is made in Germany PI or AD.

It doesn't seem the case for Aeron AD (Xtra), just do a google on Herman Miller china production plant. "
Herman Millerís one-stop hub of manufacturing operations in Dongguan, China" - reading the article seems to show everything is made in PRC.

Well it just doesn't feel shiok when you know you pay for something at a luxury price for something made in PRC...?
BMW yes, but FYI Mercedes from Cycle & Carriage are made in South Africa, and PI ones are made in Germany, so I would say it's a similar comparison for the Aerons.

Yea reading the article definitely seems like chairs are coming out fully from the Dongguan factory, whether Singapore ones are those from the article, that I'm not too sure. Because on Xtra's website they specifically said "please be kindly informed that a batch of Aeron Chairs are assembled in Dongguan, China." and "manufactured chairs from US will be assembled in Dongguan, China."

Though I would agree having the chairs made in USA certainly sounds more "quality", but maybe more so back in the days. In recent years I feel China have stepped up its game tremendously especially in the manufacturing and assembly field. Today I think they are definitely on par with or maybe even surpassed other countries, some might say.

Those being said, it's all down to personal preference at the end of the day, just giving my two cents.
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