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The warranty itself I feel is way more than $500. Considering a replacement of pneumatic cylinder for my 2006 Aeron Classic from Xtra (Assembled in Korea) is already $203.30 (Parts) + $214.00 (Labour & Transport) if without warranty. The Aeron Classics were prone to worn out and wobbly cylinders previously, and buyers from authorised distributors were given replacements under warranty, though I'm not too sure for other importers. The remastered ones are only a couple years old, so perhaps common issues haven't been brought up in online forums. If any batch wide issues are brought up in the future, I honestly don't think any shopee of lazada sellers are gonna go out and do replacements for every chair they sold. If I were them, I'd simply wind up the shopee/lazada shop and open a new one under a new name to save the hassle. I'd like to see it as the difference between buying PI cars and from local agents, where defects/recalls are always hassle free from agents, but usually discretionary under PI.

xtra still charge labour and transport as well. only 1st yr warranty they cover it.
my uncle classic aeron has been using for 15yrs and only i help him replace gas cylinder that cost $120 including shipping (pls buy only high quality gas cylinder for replacement)
even if PI doesn't come with warranty i will still buy, replacement parts for aeron is easily available and HM app even guide you how to DIY replace almost everything
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