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if u going to hualian, can try visiting taroko gorge.. very scenic.. but will be troublesome to travel around the place if u are not driving or not with a tour..
Yup! Taroko Gorge is really pretty!! There's a half day tour which is 500NT which you can take. It starts at 10.30, end at 4.30. Brings you to the various sites in Taroko Gorge.

You can take the tour coach at the train station (Bus with "Tour Taiwan" on it), just go ask the Visitor Center, they will tell you where to board. You pay the driver(cum guide). It includes transport and tour. Food is not included, but they give you like an hour to eat your lunch and can arrange for you for a meal with a hotel and cafeteria. Else you can buy your own food if you wanna save money.

Would recommend this than taking cab on your own. You will be hound by taxi drivers when you come out of the train station... be Firm.

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