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I arrived at Jiufen on a cold, rainy evening. Walking through the old streets, I can really feel for it and especially after knowing its history, I can sort of visualise its past and certainly begin to feel very strongly for it. I dunno, it seems to have a very strong pull on me.

When I came back, I went around many video shops looking for this movie "A City of Sadness" 悲情城市, but its really sad, not only do the shops not have it, none of the people have ever even heard about it.

It was quite famous at that time, I'm sure. It starred Tony Leung and had been nominated for some awards.

Anyone knows where to get this movie?

I have my feelings for 九份 too, 欣赏它的凄美, 惆怅和一份孤独.

悲情城市 is a very old film , directed by 侯孝贤 in 1989 and during that period had earned numerous reviews and bagged some awards for both the director and Tony Leung, you can try getting it online from :

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