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i got NordVPN and a new Asus RT-58u router recently
Managed to setup OpenVPN with Nord on the router but realised that it would apply for all SSIDs

Has anyone managed to setup different ssids like
1) Regular SSID
2) SSID connected to VPN

So I can simply toggle between the ssids rather than turning the VPN on/off on the router page (which routes all connected devices through the VPN)
I read that its possible if you use the AsusWRT - Merlin FW but would like to hear more about it before trying the setup
I have not tried this but I think it is not separate SSIDs but rather through different policies. So only the websites which need the Nord VPN will go through the VPN. Once setup is done and tested, it is automatic and transparent to the users. But then when the service providers change IP addresses, you may need to adjust the rules.


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