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Do you mean the OpenVPN server on Asus routers? You need to have a good one with powerful CPU which can do encryption work fast in order to have good OpenVPN performance, like Asus RT-AC86U.

The performance is very good and can be around 200Mbps. New AX router like the AX88U and AX86U should offer similar performances.


So basically, expect around 200 Mbps of throughput for RT-AC86U (I doubt the GT-AC5300's extra cores will make any real difference, OpenVPN being single threaded). That's about 4x faster than the RT-AC68U, and probably around 3x faster than the RT-AC88U/RT-AC3100/RT-AC5300.
Yes, I am also getting abt 200Mbps , and no way above 250.
I still prefer the nomal w/o VPN with speed above 650 on wifi. Unless I really need the VPN. Now I am setting up another PC on this to save the trouble on changing the setting now and then.
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