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Hi all, I am considering to install smart home solutions in my house soon. But I feel quite overwhelmed by the many brands out there like Google Home, Apple Home, Schneider Electric Wiser etc. since I'm quite new to this. May I know if anyone has any tips for choosing a certain brand of smart home solution?
all the other answers is wrong, 1st thing to ask is what's your budget.. and what do you want to control. Non of these smart home can control everything and adding something that is proprietary to that might be costly.

It would be best to identify all the things you want automated and decide which works with what brands. Then decide on the type of automation protocol like zwave/zigbee/wifi etc.

Also chinese brands like Tuya/Smartlife, broadlink, xiaomi/aqara, ewelink is ok, but being chinese companies, they might not work very well with non chinese products. Like how tuya/smartlife just stopped their IFTTT integration.

Some hubs systems like HomeAssitant, Hubitat and Homey are more programmable but they use open source or reversed engineered APIs for some intergration (ie Tuya devices) that might one day just stop being supported too and might be a consideration.

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