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Get chemical overhaul, they need to remove the FCU entirely to clean it thoroughly. General and chemical cleaning will leave behind some mould and it grows back in an instant. Cost of chemical overhaul range from $90 - $150, recommended to do once every 1 - 2 year especially on frequently used aircon.
The problem with this full overhaul / chemical wash is the dismantling. Not good for the copper pipes. After sometime sure leak.
Also chemical wash is it too often and too strong or failure to was off properly will be result in premature rust and coil damage.
So less dismantling better. However due to the limited tools most AC ppl have they take down will be easier....the faster ur AC spoilt the faster then can be back.
Also dismantling will mean the gas will be shut off before the pipes are disconnected at the indoor unit. Once disconnected air will enter the pipes. They are suppose to vacuum the pipes after reinstalling the unit...however almost all wont do it as the vacuum pump is heavy to carry. they will just use the gas to purge the system and hope all the air is out and top up gas to make up the difference.
So i never like take down.
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