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you are absolutely right

i on aircon at night then next morning wake up close window no vendilation leave the house.

so you went for astiquer before? ]

worth the $250 price tag?

His cleaning method is very thorough. Will be a good job. But is the state of ur AC now and the surroundings thats rather worrying.

When was the last time you did servicing? Looking at this state is 1yr or more. If not it is likely ur lifestyle thats causing this issue. All AC will become like that in our tropical climate.

You likely turn on AC at night...then morning off. Inbetween the windows and doors to ur room is shut completely. No ventilation and the cool air gets trap at the indoor unit and become a mushroom factory.

But I dunno why even the surrounding wall areas are wet til is pealing. As the indoor unit is clogged up, exchange is poor and cool air returns to the outdoor unit, resulting in alot of condensation and therefore the wet walls?

Next thing will likely to happen is the drain will choke and AC is gonna leak.
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