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Need help to boost wireless using Asus AX11000

Hi all,

I need help here on boosting the wireless signal in my house, especially kitchen area, which having only 4 Mbps. My configuration as following: -

Telco: Singtel 1Gbps

Physical Ethernet cable cat 6
- extend to middle of the house to Asus AX11000, and run into study room for laptop and iMac, having 615 Mbps and 879 Mbps

Wireless download rate
Entrance: 377 Mbps
Living room: 594 Mbps
Kitchen: 4 Mbps
Kitchen toilet: 378 Mbps
Master bedroom: 464 Mbps
Master bedroom toilet: 250 Mbps
Bedroom 2 (Study Room) : 270 Mbps
Bedroom 3 (Guest room): 494 Mbps

Asus router wifi config
Band 5Gz(1) 5Ghz(2)
Wireless mode N/AC/AX mix N/AC/AX Mix
802.11ax/wifi6 Enable enable
Wifi Agile Multiband Enable Enable
Channel Bandwidth 160Mhz 20/40/60Mhz
Control Channel Auto Auto
Extension Channel Auto Auto

Please help. Thanks in advance.
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