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I watch the whole video. Dont flame me.
Here are my feedback
a. I am not sure what is your objective. Do I watch the fingering, do you watch the scales? Do i listen to the music? What do you want the viewer to see? I am lost with the objective of the video.

b. It gets messy. You have trying to do too many things at one go. Listening to the music, following the scales and following the fingering. Too distracting imo.

I feel the top view is very distracting. If the objective is to show the viewer the nice music she is playing, it better to show the side view with all the painist expression. If the objetctive is to show how to play, then you it is ok.
Wa you are right! Didn't really think of it from the audience attention focus perspective! Thank you, this is very helpful feedback! <3
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