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Nope the pouch is crap, the material is extremely rough. I don't use screen protector on my kindle. Heard bad experience about having screen protector on kindle.

I bought my PW3 from geek bite about 2-3 years back. During that time there were not many kindle resellers. Geekbite was one of the cheapest and had the most positive feedback.

Later on I bought PW4. A lot more resllers now. Theirs wasn't the cheapest but so far my PW3 still going strong. Did a comparison with the other resellers was only about $5-$10 cheaper. So decided to just patron Geekbite again despite the slightly higher price for peace of mind.
Same same.....bought PW3 2/3 years back lol. still going strong.
damn....need an excuse to get the OASIS.

BTH already
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