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Must pass ippt >61 points before u graduate.. a few attempts will be given. At the moment is manual count however the counting is very strict. The fitness assessors frequently no count.

No SVC for new officers yet. Career progression is very much dependant on officers attitude while we can give opportunities. However, Almost all officers always aim for easy assignment, complain etc..
They did mentioned ippt test will be part of training course. Week 1 or Week 9 is unconfirmed. Max of 3 attempts. Spread across 7 days.

I only worry for pushup no count. Some tester really too demanding, too many rules. I thought it will be buddy-buddy system, counting for each other.

If can wait till last few weeks to clear, then it will be much easier. I heard due to Covid, no stay-in during the course too.

May I ask you're APO in C for how many years? Your IPPT test was in which week? Well, I guess everyone wants better or at least fair assignment.

Is the course more physically tiring or just alot of lectures and rules to learn?
SVC will start in which year? After joining bonus end in 4th year?
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