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At one point in time, price difference is abt 2k.
If that's the diff, definitely F package more worth it.

It also depends on how much you need the upgraded features. F spec has 40/60 split with the back seats, whether you need tall mode, roof handles for passengers to grab if your driving is a bit aggressive, paddle shifter, cruise control, seat height adjustment, plasma ion function with aircon, front cabin map lights, 8L larger fuel tank, rear windscreen wiper.

But all these add weight, so there will be a small impact to FC and acceleration.

For the rear seats, basic spec no 40/60 or tall mode. Still has storage and relax mode. So large items no issue.

My car only me and my wife, so for me entire rear seat fold down also no issue. But if you normally will have rear passengers and need to transport long items like a surf board at the same time, then the 40/60 seats will be helpful.

I have transported queen sized mattress, dbl deck coffee table, assembled rocking chair and the 1.8m ivar posts. The last one put in center so that it rests on my center armrest.
The queen matt length can fit in & still close hatch?
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