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VMWare Workstation Player


I am a getting a new laptop and exploring the possibility of abstracting my home desktop from my hardware to allow "lift and shift" to any hardware including use of AWS in future. The motivation is really my laziness to reinstall all my programs and files everytime I upgrade my machine.

I am looking to install either VMWare Workstation Player or VirtualBox but at this point here VMWare seems to be the better option

Desktop running on Win 10 Home.
To run Workstation Player
VM 1: MacOS
VM 2: Win10

Scenario 1:
Change laptop means I just simply snapshot and install on new PC with Win 10 and Workstation installed?

Scenario 2:
Backing up simply means taking snapshots?

I understand snapshot is only available in Workstation Pro. Likely I will purchase it when I need to upgrade in future.

I'm open to alternative setups
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