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... On a side note you know of any backup solution that facilitates lift and shift to a new hardware without the need to reinstall the whole works?
I am not aware of such backup and restore solution unless the hardware spec don't change. The main issues will be drivers for the target hardware. That is why virtualisation exist to provide consistent abstraction of the hardware for portability.

If your OS has support for multiple hardwares or provides for automatic update of the drivers in the case of a newly detected hardware component, then existing backup and restoration solutions will work. Windows generally have lesser of such issue, unless the hardware configuration change is too drastic and affects even the booting processing.

Actually it would seems you are trying to tackle a multitude of issues with an unified solution, which obviously doesn't yield good results. Unfortunately the technological industry has not arrive at a homogenous platform yet, so expect some tinkering along the way. Otherwise stick with norms and common denomination for best portability, not best performance.
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