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Just sharing my experience here.
I bought PW4 from a seller on Carousell, named yunnnn.
$170 for 8GB and $220 for 32GB, excluding shipping fee.

It comes with ad, I googled and most people contact amazon customer service and they helped to remove the ad free. The guy who answered my enquires did help me. Iíve seen some people saying that some might not help.

I was able to buy kindle ebooks on amazon without using US address/gift cards/VPN initially. However, recently they did not allow me to buy books. Not sure whatís the issue. Anyway, I changed my address using one of the address provider by a forwarder. Used gift cards instead of credit card and VPN too.
The VPN I used is Windscribe. 2gb/month free without an account. Signed up an account and got 10gb/month. Not sure how true is the per month thing, just started using it only.
Without VPN, I am still able to browse the books, I only on it when I am ready to purchase the book.
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