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It depends on what your plans are for that cash, specifically whether you have any near term spending needs.

Which stock market(s)? For example, as I write this, the Straits Times Index is more than 22% off its 52 week high water mark.

Well, ideally you wouldn't be sitting on a big pile of cash in the first place. But whenever I have the happy problem of too much cash piling up, I increase monthly dollar cost averaging into my long-term, well diversified portfolio per desired, age and risk appropriate allocations. This approach works remarkably well, actually.
I feel the US market is kinda dangerous now, Shopify Nikola and Tesla being among the best examples.

Agree with STI being low, hence I have put 30% of the spare cash in STI, HSI and selective stocks like Visa. Not so sure about aggressively investing in IWDA or VUSD, given the current conditions.....
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