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I feel the US market is kinda dangerous now, Shopify Nikola and Tesla being among the best examples.

Agree with STI being low, hence I have put 30% of the spare cash in STI, HSI and selective stocks like Visa. Not so sure about aggressively investing in IWDA or VUSD, given the current conditions.....
Nobody is suggesting any aggressive moves. Just take the excess cash that should be long-term invested, divide it by 10, 12, maybe 15 — something like that — and average it in. If your fear is correct, VWRA or IWDA (notable examples) will fall or even crash, and you’ll be buying cheaper shares over most of those 10 to 15 months.

Last year I reported I had excess cash piling up (a happy problem), and so I raised my monthly buy rate. That raise meant I bought some more index fund shares during the COVID-19 special sales event. I’m pretty happy about how that worked out, but it wasn’t anything impressive. I just monitored cash levels then took action per long-term, preexisting policy to keep those levels from getting too high.

Those particular two stocks are microscopic portions of VWRA and IWDA.

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