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Singapura Finance is offering their Vivid account, and itís roughly similar to SIFís GoSavers. Citibank still has their MaxiGain account, although itís not as good as it used to be. ICBC is offering their step up fixed deposits which arenít really locked like most fixed deposits are. HL Bank still has their iSavings account which is paying decent interest.

If youíre going to maintain a list like this Iíd somehow indicate which accounts are not SDIC protected.

You donít really choose any of these to avoid concentration risks. Iím not sure what you mean by that. Theyíre reasonably liquid or very liquid accounts for holding Singapore dollars, thatís all. These are Singapore dollars you need for day to day spending and/or for soon upcoming major expenses, such as a down payment on a home or a university tuition bill.
Vivid account up to 20K 1.3%
What is the rate for HL Bank and ICBC Step-up?
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