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Applied Artificial Intelligence (T69)New
Big Data & Analytics (T60)
Common ICT Programme (T63)
Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics (T62)
Financial Business Informatics (T17)
Game Design & Development (T58)
Information Technology (T30)

Hi need some advise on which course to choose from the ones above for Temasek Poly.Which are the more popular ones to put as first 3 choices?Thanks
IMHO. There is no real answer to your question.

One way to look at it is that, if you're male and need to serve NS, you may want to consider to choose the most unpopular courses. Those that do not need to serve NS will have a head start, so by the time you're out, only leftovers for you.

Another way of looking at it is to choose the courses that will potentially pay your the most .... so you can use the $ to enjoy.

A realistic way to see is to do more leg work. Go to the respective courses pages in the poly website and look under careers. Select the job titles and do a search for job offers. Look at the requirements, do they want Degree or Diplomas? Are these companies MNCs ? Will they be still here in the future ?

Good luck.
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