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Great game that served to highlight what our next focus should be - getting more options in defence, especially central. While it looks stable now, I still don't feel at peace with VictorL and HarryM, and this has been since the start of the season. I think it has come to the point that even DavidDG doesn't know what to expect of them 2, and can't cover his angles properly. I don't agree that it's his concentration or a decline in his ability. He's not some lazy ass or prima donna player, that I'm pretty sure.

Our attacking department looks slick. Saw some quick short passing going on just outside the BOU box, something we didn't use to do often. Evidence there's some focus on the attacking side of things and players are executing it well. Defensively though... NemanjaM made a hash of that pass, and that's why I really dislike midfielders passing backwards when the opposing players are all in the same area. But the overall direction seems to be going forward nowadays, which is good.

So now we look forward to polling day, simply because we get a match to catch, and get to check out Jack Grealish again. I liked him from the first time I saw him in the season, though his size needs some working on. Another tidy player that looked decent was that Tod Cantwell player from Norwich. Wonder if there's any interest from the club for a player who might not cost all that much.
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