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i think it has to do with the plethora of attacking players we have on the pitch. we have 5 players at least on the pitch who can score, rashford, martial, greenwood, fernandez, pogba. when there're so many players to beware of, defense would not have an easy time to pinpoint players to mark. previously i think we were all too careful only putting rashford and martial upfront at most, defenders only have to cut out pogba's link with them. now with fernandez in the fray and greenwood roaming in from deep it's like united of the past with many attacking talents till the point if 2 are marked the other 3 can still score.

all these would require our backline and holding midfield to be very strong or at least very certain of their role and ability. this is still out for verdict, our backline seems unsure at times. if we can get them to not be so leaky i think we could possibly return to the attractive attacking style that we all missed.
Also, last time the players to supposedly supply the balls to Marsiao was Lingardinesta and Tiki Taka Legend. Now it is Bruno, the different in class is VERY apparent.
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