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Advice Needed

Hi BBCWatcher,
I have been reading your posts and have been a great help in providing direction to me on how to relook into my investment portfolio and insurance needs. I just completed a review of my current insurance portfolio and would like to seek your advice on the next steps.
40yo, female, non-smoking
2 kids under 6 yo
Earning $12k/mth
Mortgage loan of $1.3M
Currently, I have the following policies:
1. NTUC Income Vivolife assured of $200K which started in 2008. Includes Severe Critical Illness.
2. TM Asia Life Secure assured of $180K which started in 2007. Covers 30 CI conditions.
3. PruShield Premier & Extra Covers myself and also purchased for my mum, age 64
I am looking to get a Term Life to cover the mortgage loan of $1.3M, DII (6 mths deferment, 3% escalating benefit and till age 65) and also to downgrade the rider for both myself and mum. Any advice from you on my proposal?
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