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CX-5: small space of essentially a 4-seater. more luxury fitting. more engaging drive. 2.0L engine for such a small car attracts unnecessarily higher road tax.

Forester: spacious interior, rugged style inside and outside, road presence. less luxurious interior than CX-5. boxer engine not efficient (not reliable in the past, but not sure now). high insurance. high fuel due to unnecessary AWD in city SG.

I'd choose Forester out of the above. Luxury interior gets old and forgotten quickly after 6 months, but space and road presence lasts forever. and CX-5 design is boring. Forester strikes out and ticks for me.

you should consider one more: Hyundai Tucson 1.6Turbo if it fits in the budget. better than CX-5 or Forester.
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