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Looking for suggestions on fitness regime

Hi guys I'm 37 YO male here. Height 172

I have been 78 half of my life after finishing school at 20. Recently 1 Yr back after my son was born, my wife stayed at home so I'm left at our shop alone, so I sat most of e time taking over her duties (I used to be e worker last time ) ballooned to 85 in 1 Yr.

During lockdown, since I did most of e chores and we ate clean, I slimmed down from 85 to around 81.

Late may I started weight lifting since I had time and read that for guys its better than just pure cardio since can increase testosterone (I may want to add T test with cholesterol, glucose, etc blood check on this in Sept and December later on to check my health progress)

30 may stats
Bmi 27.6
Body fat 27%
Water 50%
Visceral fat 12
Muscle 55.90kg
Protein 19.1%

As of now I'm (8 July)
76.85 - 77.4 (morning & night)
BMI 26.2
Body fat 25.7%
Water 50.9%
Visceral fat 12
Muscle 54.10kg
Protein 19.5%

Thse are all stats from my Xiaomi weighing machine 2nd gen. I ready that it's not very accurate but i figured it's good to at least track progress (I assume) so it's good my body fat went down, but why did my muscle go down by 1 kg when

- I have been weight training for 1 month regularly (early June till now)
- I track my protein consumption, to hit at least 100g - 120g a day from purely food
- I don't drink protein shakes / take whey supplements and I don't think I want to go there.
- I keep my calories at 2000. For a deficit of 500 calories a day after reading online (500gram per week weight reduction)

Or is it normal that however much u train, u are bound to lose a bit of muscles with your Fats?

For e past 1 month I have been doing all YouTube workouts from hasfit (I feel that they have lots of complete workout so that I can follow their rhythm and pace)

Mon (rest)

Tue 40 min total body weight workout + 40 mins back and bicep

Wed 40 min total body weight workout + 40 mins chest and tricep

Thur (rest, but sometimes I do stretching and posture exercise also from hasfit)

Fri same as tuesday

Sat same as wednesday

Sunday 30 mins HIIT workout/kickboxing/tabata without weights + more stretching and sometimes yoga from YouTube.

My weights are usually 5 kg, 7.5kg, 9.5kg (usually hasfit do 3 sets of 12/10/8 reps) I can do heavier for Romanian dumbbells deadlift and some other compound exercise.

I would love comments on how to at least grow muscle and comments on what part of my training and dieting can be improved. I have no plans to go gym though until maybe I have to progress to heavier weights and then barbells.
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