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OK. Thanks. I'm actually trying to wTch as much as YouTube video as possible in this topic too all this while from Greg doucette and etc

Anyone knows what could be e weak link in my exercise or diet?

My diet is actually supplied from those healthy caterings for lunch and dinner. My breakfast is my cheat meal basically whatever I love to eat but I try to hit e 30g protein quote and keep to 800 calories

So usually 3 egg whites +

Chicken / fish porridge
Bak cang
Smoked beef / chicken sandwich with mozarella
Bread with chicken / beef

This + fruits and water keeps me full for my 11am workout. Usually is 40 mins workout + 15 mins water & rest + 40 mins workout

My lunch and dinner is composed of

30-35g of protein (chicken/beef/fish)
400-450 calories
10-12g of healthy fat

I don't snack anymore, nor sugary drinks at all. My Sept blood test should show lower cholesterol and glucose level.
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