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If you all are Ed and can only afford to bring in 2 players. Which two will you all go for? For me:

RW : JS7(main) / Traore(if canít get JS7)
CB : Koulibaly

Bonus is Pogba sign new contract, if we can get a CAM so that Bruno wonít be burnt out will be good. Grealish or Kai Havertz would be good.

Deadwood left to clear still : Lingardinesta, Tiki Taka Legend, Jones, Alexis, Rojo. Mata and Smalling, good to keep but if can get money out of them, they should leave.
Why Traore? Apart of reminding me of AV25, nothing le, will soon be label as one trick pony which DJ21 now is.

I rather go for Ryan Fraser, Google says he is a free agent now.
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